Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim is proud to present the

Women & 

Event 2.0 

An Evening of Education and Empowerment
At the Fountain Ballroom
725 Vassar Ave, Lakewood NJ 08701
Doors open: 6:00 pm
Program begins: 6:30 pm
Admission fee: $15 Pre-Pay Admission
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What is
Women & Wellness?

Women & Wellness is an initiative of LRBC that aims to empower women to prioritize their health.

Our goal is to provide women with the awareness, knowledge, and resources to take their well-being into their hands. Life will always present a million reasons NOT to put health before all else. Let's find that one reason to say yes — and choose life.
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This exciting evening out is an incredible opportunity to learn, connect, and take control of your health.
Here are just a few of the upcoming highlights:
Visit informative booths hosted by medical specialists, hospitals, insurance agencies, and more
Hear from renowned physicians and specialists in fascinating and powerful presentations
Meet with obstetricians, endocrinologists, and more field experts
Get vital health screenings on-site
Enjoy healthy and delicious refreshments
Watch food demos presented by top health food stars
Take home essential learning materials on women's health and wellness

Our presenters

Dr. Mordechai Tarlow
Dr. Mordechai
6:45 The why and when to focus on your skin
Dr. Aren Gottlieb
Dr. Aren
7:00 Understanding menopause and how to best navigate it
Dr. Zev Williams
Dr. Zev
7:30 Better understanding the mystery of pregnancy loss
Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak
Dr. Yaakov
8:00 How to be your own best advocate during pregnancy
Dr. Tova Konnigsberg
Dr. Tova
8:30 Saving your own life through early detection
Dr. Esty Rollhaus
Dr. Esty
9:00 Gauging the norms of pregnancy and postpartum
Dr. Heather Appelbaum
Dr. Heather
9:30 Women's Health starts as a teenager - what's normal and what's not


Is this event for women only?

Great question! The Health Event will be attended by women only but will feature presentations and booths from both male and female specialists.

How much does registration cost?

There'll be a cover charge of $15 to attend.

Do you need to be a Lakewood resident to attend?

Women of all communities are welcome!

Will you be there?

LRBC needs your help to spread the word
about our mission to our entire community.

Be sure to tell your family and friends about this unique event!
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Be there for yourself.
Be there for 
your family.

Be there for 
your future.

LRBC and W&W
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