from their hearts

"When we were going through a medical crisis, your medical team stepped in and advised us, referred us, made appointments and got results. A volunteer picked up a USB with medical records from us, you downloaded it, sent over the pictures. We used your system to send all test results back and forth. Thank you for all the handholding"
"The Bikur Cholim room and pantry in Monmouth Medical Center was my haven to rejuvenate myself each time I went to visit my babies in the NICU for a month."
"During our challenging time, Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim truly helped ease the burden. Coming home from the hospital after a long difficult day, having warm supper delivered to our door was incredible."
"We got Shabbos, boxes of food from challos to dessert and everything in between. Even newspapers and magazines for kids. Absolutely nothing lacking and delivered with such abundance. Every phone call and request was handled so pleasantly, never making us feel like takers."
"We had a baby right before Shabbos Hagadol. We have been in the hospital over Shabbos in the past and knew that we can rely on BC for Shabbos food. Boy, were we right!!! It was Shabbos Hagadol and the world was getting ready for Pesach. But your kitchen and pantries were still stocked."
"I recently suffered my 2nd miscarriage... Shabbos was sent over and lunch for two which made me feel so validated for my loss. All was done so beautifully and with such warmth, it really helped me recover"
"Thank you for the shower bench, the wheelchair, the oxygen and everything else you gave us and did for me so I can get healthy."
"We are BLOWN AWAY by Bikur Cholim's chesed. While my mother was in LTAC Bikur Cholim has given us a background of menuchas hanefesh among the medical turmoil we've been navigating. Throughout Shabbos I kept on saying "wow" to all Lev Rochel's thoughtfulness down to the smallest of details."
"I Boruch Hashem have an open home and I always host guests. I've stayed in hospitals over Shabbos many times with friends and family, but I've never had such a comfortable place to stay while in a hospital. I'm truly speechless and amazed by the way you do it."
"We stayed at the Mayo Friendship house last week, as my husband had a checkup in Mayo Clinic. The accommodations were, as usual, astounding. It was clean, comfortable and well stocked."