Pulling all the right (heart)strings

A hospitalization or illness, especially with sudden onset, can be frightening, bewildering, and utterly overwhelming. The complex health care system, coupled with insurance considerations and possibly conflicting medical advice, is often too difficult for many people to navigate.

The confidence, connections, and compassion of Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim guides countless patients through the harrowing maze, helping them pursue and obtain the very best course of treatment with the very best professionals. Our 24-hour hotline is manned by skilled advocates and liaisons who provide inpatient and outpatient referrals and guidance, dispensingvaluable advice and connecting patients with the appropriate doctors in any situation.

In addition to our general health advocacy program, we assign dedicated caseworkers to advocate for people and families struggling with the complexities of mental health treatment.
Thank you for all the handholding
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When we were going through a medical crisis, your medical team stepped in and advised us, referred us, made appointments and got results. A volunteer picked up a USB with medical records from us, you downloaded it, sent over the pictures. We used your system to send all test results back and forth. Thank you for all the handholding"