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    Go Sarah Malka!!! Keep being the awsomest person you are!!!!! Luv You!!!!!
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    Bringing you up tp your goal! continue doing what you are its so special!!!!
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    Sara Malka is the best worker ever!!!!!!!
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    It's amazing what you're doing! Would love to help you reach your goal! Hatzlacha!
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    We're so proud of all the amazing things that you do! Keep it up!
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    Keep up the great work, I'm so proud of you!!!!
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    Chazak Ve'ematz!!!
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    Hatzlacha Sarah Malka!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!! Tizku lmitzvos!!!!!!!!!
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Hello, and thanks so much for visiting my page.
For 32 years, LRBC has been at the heart of every medical journey in Lakewood, providing unwavering support and a wide range of services for anyone experiencing a medical crisis. Since 1991, we’ve been there for the community for both the highs and the lows, through every moment that mattered.

Now, you can give back by entering to win fantastic prizes while supporting LRBC's efforts on behalf of Lakewood and beyond.
With your participation, we can continue to be there for the needs of the cholim of our community for decades to come.