Dear Friends,

How big is a human heart?

The size of a fist.  And the size of a community.

Back in 1991, Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim’s indomitable heart sprung to life – addressing the most critical and obvious of needs: Guiding and supporting patients in their most heart-stopping moments.

Our mission was simple yet profound: We are here for the Cholim. Whatever it takes.

But as one need was filled, another arose – so as the demands emerged, Bikur Cholim expanded, keeping its finger on the pulse of the community’s evolving needs.

Today, with our leaders’ fervent blessings and our community’s impassioned support, Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim has truly become The Heart of Healing.

And just as the heart sits at the core of all the body’s functions, pumping life–giving oxygen to its entirety, LRBC remains at the crux of our community.

There’s no obstacle that can stop us – not when the preciousness of life is at stake.

Is there still transportation to Jersey Shore today?

Does he need a shower chair or a shower bar – or both?

They’re saying it’s a matter of days. What now?

600 calls a day. Thousands of queries – and behind each one, a racing heart.

We feel it.  We carry it.

And it gives us the greatest gratification to hear, over and over, I felt like I was speaking to someone who cares – deeply and personally.

Our staff has grown to 29, abetted by an incredible group of volunteers who give their heart and soul to each patient.

And at its heart, our founding mission: Providing everything a patient could possibly need – or want.

The big, famous things:

Equipment.  Food.  Advocacy. Transportation.  Hospitality.  Home Health.

And the little, heartfelt touches:

A personal text message. A patient’s favorite latte. A hot supper on a hard day.

Because there’s room in our heart – so somehow, there’s room in the day.

What fuels our resolve to keep at it?

We are so fortunate to operate in a community that values kindness above all else; we couldn’t function without the devout support of our donors.

Because behind every medical journey is LRBC, and behind LRBC is you.

Thank you for joining – from our heart to yours.

Rabbi Yehuda Kaszirer

A Matter of Heart

Bound by its unity
a seamless rotation
   Diverse parts of one population

And right at its core
Strong and secure
   The crux of its very foundation

Expanding, contracting
Transforming, impacting
   LRBC: The heart of a nation

Pumping with vigor
That keeps growing bigger
   Investing in each innovation

When hearts skip a beat
Despair is complete
   Where can they turn for salvation?

Calming shrill cries,
Answering the whys,
  Easing the path as they heal.

Caring, connection
Precision, direction
   Relief that defies explanation

Nothing half–hearted
Oxygen imparted
  Power in every pulsation

Spirits are buoyed
Hope fills the void
   Sustained by its calm inspiration

Ease each emergency
Sensing the urgency
   A seamless and smooth operation

Patients so fragile,
Yet staff so agile,
  Exuding a strength you can feel

Fueled by their passion
Laced with compassion
   Kindness in each consultation

We’ll join to campaign
Support and sustain
   A real heart–to–heart conversation