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  • Malky Katzenstien
  • Rosalind Krausz
    To Udi and the girls... you're the best bunch!!!! Wishing you lots of Hatzlacha. Tizku L'mitzvas! Rivky and Suri
  • Peri Illowitz
  • Suri Rosen
    Thank you Totty and Moomy for being the Best Parents Ever!!!!! We love you!!!
  • Esther Ginsberg
  • RG
    To the nicest family lots of naches and simches
  • Shimshon Lowy
    In honor of Udi Rosen - a (not so) hidden tzadekes! Would not have made it through the summer without you!
  • Shloimy & Rivky Kletzkin
    In honor of the most amazing rosen family who are always there for others
  • Rivky Uhr
  • Chaya Altabe
  • Mendel Rosen
  • Naomi Lieberman
  • Herska
  • Tzippy Wolf
  • Yehudis Mashinsky
    Udi! you don't cease to amaze me !!
  • Yosef Shonberger
  • Toby Stieff
  • Tsipora Weiss
  • Rachel Bodansky
  • Yitzy And Chavi Engel
  • Schwartz Family
    We only know a fraction of what the Rosens do, may your zechusim multiply... because you qualify!
  • Areayan Worch
  • Your Favorite Einikel!!
    Thank you for being the best grandparents!!!!!
  • Sara Luftig
    Good luck, we miss u load! Xx
  • Chave Weinstock
    Leili nishmas אלטע פייגא יענטא בת ר' יושע. And should be a זכות for the Rosen family!
  • Hindy Feigenbaum
  • Sara Deutsch
  • Rechy Ausch
    In honor of the Rosen Family!!!!
  • Leah Rosen
    In honor of Moshe and Udi - your Chesed is tireless and unsurpassed!
  • Blimie Goldring
  • Zisy Brody
  • Mendy Rosen
    In Memory of our Father Levi Yitzchok BEN Yaakov Menachem Mendel A"H
  • Family Fried
    To the best family Rosen ever!!!
  • Zisy Brody
  • Yehoshua Blaxberg
  • Alexander Rosenberg
  • Meyer Worch
  • Perela Torn
  • Frady Bick
    random person who i answered the phone for
  • Miriam Thumym
  • Bruchi Rosen
    I love you thank you for being the best I love having such a special mother like you!!!
  • Chava Gestetner
  • Yehudis Newman
  • Areya Schwartz
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For 32 years, LRBC has been at the heart of every medical journey in Lakewood, providing unwavering support and a wide range of services for anyone experiencing a medical crisis. Since 1991, we’ve been there for the community for both the highs and the lows, through every moment that mattered.

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