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Duvie Greisman $500.00
Goldie G $385.00
Beila Dohany $360.00
Honored to have such a friend with a heart of gold!!
Julie Arnow $250.00
Arielle Benisti $185.00
Esther Ovadia $181.00
Thank you Shulamit for everything you do!!
Jessica K $120.00
Malky Frank $120.00
Tzipora Gould $120.00
Shulamit Pinchasi $108.00
Pinchas & Tehilla Hatanian $105.00
We are so proud of all the good you do!
Alti Silver $100.00
Efrat Entebi $60.00
Smadar Israilov $60.00
Keep it up Shula!! We're proud of everything you're doing!!
Batsheva Gartenhaus $60.00
Erin Morgan $50.00
Daniel Navaro $45.00
In honor of Shulamit for all your hard work!
Hodi Navaro $30.00
Keep it up Shula!
Shayna Leah Dohany $30.00
Thank you shula for always being there! Im so lucky to be able to call you my friend